Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Still here....

Yes, i've dusted down the blog to give it a slight update to show i've not completely dissapeared off the planet. Not sure how many of youread this but it keeps me occupied and I like o see what everyone as been looking at.
Now fashion week, slight bit pissed off my internet is not goos enough to let me watch the live shows so im just gonna have to wait till all the photos arrive on everyones blogs and in every magazine.
I went on a slight magazine rampage the other day and bought 4. Weighed me down ALOT on the way homebut some of the shoots in them are amazing.
I'll have to have a fight with the scanner and put some of the photos up, along with the ones from the last Dazed and Confused I never got round to.
Hope everyones work is going ok....Mines pretty crappy tbh!! LOL.

Anyways. Just a quick note to say i'll be back on bloggin track in no times :)

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I really love the look of these and how just the mouth can look so powerful in a photo. I think the make up is really well done and the colour co ordination with the jewellry is very clever.