Tuesday, 30 March 2010


So I braved the rainy streets of Preston for a good rumage round the shops to see what I could find. I was trying to not go to obvious, thinking back to the photos from my mum and from magazines and I think most of the following stuff would work quite wellits just a case of getting it all together.

This Jacket was knitted so didn't have the same look as an original blazer but I liked the colour and contrast of the spots and stripes.

(I couldn't resist)

Black Harems (can't touch this) I have blue ones of these myself.

Light denim shirt.

Yellow Crop top

Black lace leggings (also came in pink)

Floral Dress.

Striped dress (I have a peacock feather version of this and it sits pretty well on)

Overside top (in multiple colours)

Jeggings (I only picked these up becuase of the acid wash denim colour)

Striped blazer for a more smart look.

Trackie top...Becuase everyone in the 80's had one (also in multiple yet gross colours)

Miss Selfridge.
Tartan jacket (too towards punk?)

Floral Mac/Trench

Anyways theseare some of the things I found instore.

Lisa Very nicely is lending me her black V neck jumpsuit

And Denim waistcoat :)

Need to find shoes now. I have converse and I have found quite alot of jewellery instores that looks like it could work. What do you think??

Monday, 29 March 2010


if any of you saw my blog before this one it was about a website called Pretportobello.com

I went back and hd a look on the vintage section and all of the following is from the 80's, not saying I am going to buy any of it for the shoot but it will help with sourcing clothes and accessories.

I know someone with a Disney jumper so may have to borrow that one from her (I know Bugs Bunny is Warner Bros before I am corrected)

I think that most of the stuff here would be pretty easy to find and it just shows that the trends have not dramatically changed since the 80's......Hence the revial aspect.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Bring on loan day.

Poor Little Bitch Girl - I would like to thank you for introducing me to www.pretaportobello.com even though it just makes me want to go shopping even more than I already do!!!

I love this feather headband by Erin & Paul,mainly because when I do get round to redying it my hair stays this colour for a good week before it starts to fade. This inevitably would cost less.

This Dahlia Grey leopard print dress is very cute. I like the style of it and yet the pattern is not to girly for me to have browsed straight past. May have to be on my wish list this one :)

I knew I had made a mistake when I clicked on vintage. This GORGEOUS Balenciaga dress was triple figures in price but it is so amazing I couldn't not blog how much I love it. The classic detailing in the back is stunning and the rich blue colour is a fav of mine. A girl can dream.

Friday, 26 March 2010


Any excuse to look at clothes online.

Blazers (Miami Vice style)

I like the shoulder detailing on this dress. I think it could be portrayed as a modern spin on shoulder pads as it still has the volume without the actual pads.


Right. I decided just incase the model Jess found is unavaliable I would look through the thusands of people on Model Mayhem (just because you possess the ability to smile for a photo really doesn't make you a model) Anyways!!!! These are some of the people I found.
Charlotte Portas 22 Manchester

Kate Smith 21 Preston
Steph Westray 17 Preston

Hopefully any of these models will do it if the one we have already asked can't. Just need to get onto asking asap :)

Thursday, 25 March 2010


Was quite happily eyeing up this beauty on Ebay. Unfortunatley funds were low and I couldn't actually afford to bid but atleast I have an idea on what to look for now (this went for £15 in the end)

So afterthegroup discussion yesterday I think we came to agreement that we need to push our project to another level as apose to 80's clothes in a studio,which I agree with.
Adam suggested that we use video aswell as photography to give some of the photos a grainy old edge to them which I think would go well with the aesthetic. Jess has also metioned using VHS tapes and an amp we could use as props.
Think we are going to look for cheap video cameras to film the shoot and take stills from the video. I'll leave that to the photography students (don't ask me about cameras lol)

As for clothing I have been raiding wardrobes and asking my mum (again) to reminisce about trends from that specific era and one that are still going.
This is what we came up with.

-Shoulder Pads
-Big Earring
-Denim Jackets
-Legings and Mini Skirts (Rara....however maybe too obvious)
-Converse Hi tops
-Acid Wash Denim
-Neon Ankle Socks
-Parachute Pants (Harems)
-Oversized Tops & Jumpers
-Highwasted trousers (baggy at top and tapered at ankles)

I'm pretty certain that I can source most of this from either my own or friends wardrobes and go on a massive shoppin scou for the rest of it. Just a case of now working out what will go with what.

Not my style however.....

Something about this dress makes me really wish I could wear latex.

Back to reality Helen!!

Monday, 22 March 2010

PHOTOGRAPHY - Decisions.

Right. Ideas for the shoot are as follows.
We are thinking of some kinda of 80's revival, how the fashions have come back around and/or ones that never went out of style so my next few blogs are going to be about trends and hopefully showing how they have moved to the present day.
We thought that working within the studio would be a better option because a backround may take away from the clothes and it would be simpler (not that we are lazy but would have to consider possible locations)
Jess is in contact with a model and hopefully she will accept the task for us :)
I also emailed someone about hair and make up and hopefully when I get a reply (was only this afternoon) I can fill her in on the detail.

Getting somewhere :)

Saturday, 20 March 2010

PHOTOGRAPHY - Dazed & Confused.

This is from the new edition of Dazed & Confused. It is a 80's revival and I really like the use of clothing and mix of fabrics. I think the trousers in the first photo are stunning and I really like the lacing.

Skirt over jeans...

Mans shirt and 'leather' trousers.

Doctor Martin boots....

I like how these clothes look old but are new (that makes sence in my head) I am hoping to find more stuff like this so I can get ideas for recreation.

PHOTOGRAPHY - 80's Films


An Officer and A Gentleman

The Breakfast Club

Back to the Future