Sunday, 25 April 2010


These adverts I found that I think have the same sort of feel as some of the photos. I think that the photo with the denim jacket look like and adidas advert, hence why I looked up up other adverts to see if they had similar aspects.



PHOTOGRAPHY - Make up looks.

I realise I am doing stuff slightly backwards but I didn't want to put ideas up and have other people use them.

These are the photos I sent the MUA to get ideas and she came up with the look used herself.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Final Images.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Company High Street Edit.

Anyone heard it this magazine?? Well I hadn't until yesterday when I was quite happily browsing through the shelves in WHSmith.

Its a kinda of fanzine and modern versionof the original magazine.

It contains shops upcoming loks (and moodboards) street style, affordable clothing!! as as pictured below customising.

I scanned these pages in cos I thought that it was really good to have relevant customising in magazines and it is now more popular than ever and its easy to create original clothes.

This photograph was another DIY project. The magazine gave readers a denim jacket each and told them to do what they wanted to it. I think this photo is stunning and I love the way the plastic catches the light.
May have to buy this on a more regular basis.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Tuesday was the day of our photoshoot and everything went alot better than I thought it would in honesty.
I met to MUA at the train station and Lousie and Jess met the model in the studio. The Mua had come up with the make up from the photos I send her and it looked really good!! She also did hair for us which helped and it with all the clothes I loved it.

All the clothes fit really well and went together well I even added in an extra look with a jumper someone had lent me.

We all brought tear sheets of poses and lighting and considering we hadn't massivley spoken about it our ideas were fairly the same.

Everything went really well and have looooooooads of photos I am really happy. Will get some one here once I get them :)

Sunday, 18 April 2010


Little update before the actual shoot.

Steph Westray is our model, I have been speaking to her alto and she is really on board with all of the ideas, I just have to do some altering on the clothes as she is a tiny thing!!! Flippin tall though!!

Rachel McDonald is our MUA. I spoke to her at the last min as our other planned MUA had to cancel due to being ill and uni commitments. Luckily she agreed to do the shoot for free and was really good with the ideas and seems to have loads for the shoot. She is also doing hair aswell which is a bonus.

The clothes and shoes have all been source (just need some ironing), borrowing is commencing tomorrow and I am going into town to get some final detial (socks and jewellery)
Hopefully all goes as planned.
I am currently printing make up and hair looks and blue tacking all the things I have ripped out of magazines to my walls for inspiration.

Friday, 16 April 2010


So not only did I win a tripod on ebay for £6 (not I can do some better lookbook posts) I also bought a batwing purple jumper today for £3. Love it :)

(both will be in a future post)

Thursday, 15 April 2010

I want to go back.

Last year I found out about this amazing place and I have always wanted to go back as I think itwould be and gorgeous background for a photoshoot. I am not going to say where it is until I actually do the shoot cos I love it :)

This is what the very top looks like in the dark. Its stunning...

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Shopping - stressful times.

Right so the other day I went into town to get the remaining items for my photoshoot. Shopping for someone else that is the same size as you is fine cos you can sneekily borrow the clothes, however, when your model is a size 6 i've got no chance....apart from the oversized tshirt that will look a little less oversized on me lol.

These little delights caught my eye on the way round and I resisted. However i'll be highly tempted as loan day is 6 days away!!

This little beauty is from Topshop, it was £30 but its so sweet and I want it!!

These boots were from office at £90 they were a tad expensive but happened to have my size out so I just had to try them on. They were laced halfway when I tried them on and this photo really doesn't do them justice. But online they say they are only £70. Again loan day in minus 6 days and counting :)


Have model.
Have new MUA (other one cancelled due to illness)
Have most clothes (been outbid on a jacket on ebay, stillneed to find jewellery)
Have NO Boombox (been outbid 4 times on Ebay!!!! and I can't afford the £90 ones) Louise thinks she may be able to get hold of one.
Jess has the studio booked and is looking for a back up location.
Also getting hold of a TV and a camcorder.

Pretty much sorted.
Going to look through magazines for lighting and poses in the next couple of days. Hopefully all goes to plan!!

Sunday, 11 April 2010


Purely because I have been a busy bee lately (I am not quite sure what i've been doing though)

Firstly been getting the hang of all this social networking stuff. I think I am the member of about 7 sites now, 4 of which are linked on this blog. Check them out and say hi :)

I have been scouring through lookbook like a trooper this week. It might just be my new little obsession, along with the likes of ebay.

Anyways, my new fav blogger is Constance-Victoria. I found her effortless looks on lookbook and it linked me to her blog. Her photography is very nice and her stlye is so chic. Everything she buys seems to be flippin bargin!! Im very jealous the amount she pays for some stunning clothes, plus she gets passes to London Fashion Week. New Fav Person.

I went into the joys of Bletchley town center the otherday (for those not aware its a tad dodgy) to look for clothing and other little bargins in charlity shops and cheap places dotted along the highstreet. I came home with a grey mac for a uni photoshoot (size 16, floor length, its massive lol) 3 books (£2.80 for them all and they are hardbacks) and a greggs (couldn't resist, only one we have in Milton Keynes)

I am also currently looking at about 6 things on ebay. This place is brilliant. You just have to know what to look for. Atm I have my eye on a 80's Boombox (for uni) white tights (also uni) a denim jacket (uni....and then my wardrobe) a tripod and a remote shutter release for my beloved SLR (slightly fed up with self timer, blurred pics and the well known myspace look)

Earlier I went in the loft. I live with my mum so ignore anyone who has heard Michael Macintyre's opinion of lofts, this one is mine!! And it is full of art work and what I thought was valuable stuff I should keep hold out; turns out its actually all junk. I found knitting books from the 90's (most of the jumpers I owned) an Enrique Inglasis 2002 tour tshirt and aparently I was trying to be a budding song writter when I was younger, unfortunatley I was crap!! Think I may actually try and flog some of the stuff up there.
Lots of shoes, books and bit and peices that would go nicely on ebay.

Speaking of floggin stuff, I worked out I have 82 necklaces which I deamed not worthy of taking to uni with me (yup, there are more AT uni) I tried to take photos of them all to put them online but got halfway through and got bored. Useless lol.
Look out for a jewellery sale in the near future.

Last but not lease. Why did no one tell me about Polyvore??? And if you did why did I pay no attention. Its brilliant, its a good thing I don't have a printer atm cos my walls would be covered in clothes I can't afford lol.

Anyways, sorry for the really long post clearly have done alot more than I thought :)

Monday, 5 April 2010

I have recently discovered this blog and I am obsessed!!! Doe Deere is a make up artist and runs a cosmetic company called Lime Crime (the link is on the blog) Her blog is a mixture of photoshoots, editorials, tutorials, inspiration and some gourgeous photographs amoungst other things. These are some of the photos that caught my eye when browsing the blog.

Kirsten Dunst - Miu Miu

Photograph by Ellen Von Unwerth

These are photographs of Doe Deere (she is the redheaded one)

Doe Deere & Mosh by Debbie Rotkowitz

Doe Deere by RockMetalInc

Doe Deere by Grenouille

Sunday, 4 April 2010


Decided that the easiest place to find a boombox would be on ebay. I was right!! These are the 2 I am currently looking at (they have a week left on them so i'm keeping a clse eye on them)
I think they would look really good in the shoot along with the vhs tapes and the tv.

I have been a busy bee creating mood boards of outfits and accessories so I know exactly what I need (but you'll have to wait and see what they are) I have also been in touch with the makeup artist and need to email her about the looks we are going for.
I think if I can plan the outfirts around the same colour pallette then the make up should go well with them all. Thinking big and bright.
Hair however is another factor I need to consider.
80's hair was bad, and i'm not going to give the poor model a perm (thats just mean) Maybe some backcombing and hairspray will do the trick.
Anyways back to my ebay.

I think im becoming a shoe-oholic.

I don't know if its a bad thing that I can't stop looking at shoes. My future bank account is going to slightly hate me if I actually follow through will all this!!

These are Alexander McQueen.....Stunning!!

These are Gareth Pugh. I like the unusual look of these shoes, and they look so high!! Would take some practice to walk in im guessing.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

New shoes.

Oo my New Zealand bank account no longer likes me!!!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Can never have to many clothes.

I should not be allowed to buy magazines because it makes me want to go shopping!!! I saw these shoes in Company and I was off browsing website for more little finds.

These ASOS prosper Leather Wedge Sandals are £120 from ASOS (name is a tad giveaway) I am liking this wedge comeback and might have to dig mine out of the cupboard.

These Feud Naughty Stripe Patform Peep Toe Shoes (who comes up with these names???) Are also from ASOS and are £120. I really love the candy colours of these shoes and how 'clumpy' they are. I think they are very summery and would look good with Denim shorts and a white top.

This Armani Sillicone Strap Watch is £150 and from ASOS (again) I am a fan of bright colours and I think accessores are the best way to add them to your wardrobe. And I have about 7 watches already...another one couldn't hurt.

This Izar Cowl Jumper is £70 from All Saints. Its not often that I look on the All Saints website because I think that the clothes are often very ordinary and dull seeing as they are so highly priced but this jumper caught my eye. It looks cosy and I like the no sleeve and cowling details.

This Lana Paisley Maxi Dress is from I am a fan of the maxi dress style and wish it would hurry up and get warmer so I can dig mine out again. This dress also came in blue but I was drawn towards the orange/red version.

Gonna keep blogging clothes that I find online and from magazines (I circled everything in a magazine the other day to remind me to post it) and will get back you soon as :) x