Thursday, 6 May 2010

I'm alive.

I feel like I haven't been busy at all now i'm no longer asecond year but I have actually been doing quite a bit.

For a start I got my tattoo finished today. Just thought I would let you all know that - after 3 months and 7 painful hours it is done!!! YAY!! I'll get a photo of it once it has healed :)

Also been networking like a mentalist. Model Mayhem opens before facebook on my laptop now and I am constantly in contact with people, replying to casting calls and asking more and more details about work. I have had quite a large response actually which is always a good thing and am in contact with a few photographers about projects in the upcoming months.

I also threw a concept at a local photographer from home who I am hoping to help out with some other shoots and she loved it. Very excited hope it all workes out :)

Also managed to blag myself a work experience (not a placement its only for 2 weeks) at FRONT MAGAZINE :D
I didn't think anything of it as I had sent the email about a month ago and had a very nice phonecall from a mand named Si. Looks like i'll be making tea and coffee in June. Very excited.

Anyways!!!! If I think of anything!!!

My tripod arrived!!! But its at home in good ol' MK so I can't use it for another week but I will get back to grips with Lookbook when I do and taking lovely photos.

ANYWAYS!!!!! If I think of anything else I woll keep you all posted xx