Monday, 28 June 2010


These are a few things I have been wearing this week. With the gorgeous weather the last couple of days I have been able to dig the dresses out :)

Dress topshop, Waistcoat Marks & Spencers, Leggings H&M, Hairband Matalan.

Dress Primark, Necklace (dragonfly) Acessorize

Sandals Topshop.

Maxi dress Matalan.

I also bought some very pretty and girly earrings which is something rare for me.

I have a couple of shoots comin up around London so I went sourcing clothes for those today. I like doing stuff like this becuase I feel like I can dress people up in anything and have an excuse to buy clothes that wont suit me but will suit the shoot....Anyways, enough rabble, have a nice week :)

Friday, 18 June 2010

Outfit post + Shoes :)

Thought I was a tad behind on my blogging so I have started doing outfit posts. Hopefully this will not be a one off.

Jeans Primark, Cardigan Topshop, Vest, Topshop, Shoes Newlook.

Anyone who knows me really well will understand my obsession with anything skull related (I even have them on my tongue bars and included in my side tattoo) I really like this jumper becuase of the bold pattern and it is really soft and comfy.

These shoes I have had for years!! I have only just started wearing them again and althought they do hurt my feet a bit after a while I like the zebra patttern of them.

Now for the shoes part. I was having a bit of a bad day in London and walked into Miss selfridge for a bit of a browse and found myself falling in love with these!! I am really not a pink person but I love how striking they are and the rose is really cute. At £36 I think they are a bit of a bargin (especially since I have been eyeing up Kurt Geiger once recently)

I also bought my first bit of vintage in london the other day at Beyond Retro. AMAZING SHOP!! I will include it into a future post :)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Festival Clothing

I decided as I was going to Download I would take photos of what I wearing on the days there. I completely forgot the first day though, my bad.

T shirt - New look, Shorts - Matalan, Wellies - Tesco, Socks - Preston Market, Sunglasses - River Island.

T Shirt - Topshop, Hoodie - H&M (customised), Shorts - Matalan, Wellies - Tesco, Blue socks (underneath) H&M, Grey Socks - Topshop.

Rain coat - Miss Selfridge

Bin Liner Chic - Tesco :)

I am hopefully gonna get my ass into gear and do more of these fashion posts.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

More FRONT stuff

This has been a pretty random day. I have been getting receipts from EBay, sent to the shop to buy a baguette, watched every member of staff scoff all the food I bought in about half hour, listened to football anthems and Lily Allen and then trawled through Oxford Street in the rain to make a mummy costume.

The Mummy costume is part of my workie challenge. This is a task set by the team members for the workie's to prove themselves mine was to 'make learning fun'. In otherwise dress up as a mummy and stand outside the history museum and do something.
I have decided to let people write stuff on me...but in hieroglyphics.
Random but I get put in the mag for it lol....anyways, as today is deadline day they didn't have enough time to come with me :(

So I have been asked back for another week to do some more random jobs and do my task properly.....and buy all the bandages I can find in MK!!

Its actually been pretty interesting working here, it has a light heartiness about the whole office and everyone can go from serious to really lively in the time it takes to blink. I have seen the whole issue produced in basically 8 days which is pretty flippin' impressive and had quite a lot of input.

I wish I'd have asked more to the fashion team...that will be my job for next week I think, I was very intrigued when I saw a box of Iron Fist shoes fly past my desk.

I could quite happily stay here.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

London Times.

Right I said I would do some bloggin about my London adventures.
I have really been enjoying my placement and even though I havn't been doing alot of fashion based things I think the whole experience is interesting. I was asked on Friday to research ideas for a photoshoot with Vikki Blows

The following items are from a store called Uniqlo. I have never been in before but thought I would have a wonder round Oxford street while on my lunch break.
Unfortunately The site wouldn't let me copy the pics but here are the links.
Mickey1 - £12.99
Mickey2 - £12.99
Mickey3 - £12.99
The shop is fairly basic and at reasonalbe prices. Think I may have to make a few purchases in the near future.

Another one of my visits invloves American Apparel.

If these were not so expensive I would quite happily own one (if anyone can tell me one for cheaper than £42 I will be very greatful)

I also did some styling for a shoot about a week ago which was based on a book called 'The Phantom Toolbooth' It is basically a very random fairytale and not alot made sence however the brief was not hugely specific so I had room to play with clothing.

(Blogger kind of ruins the quality but you get the idea)

Been doing a bit of serious Ebaying aswell, and for once not buying!!!
If you fancy a browse just clickhere. I have some more stuff to put up yet including dresses, shoes and jewellry.

That is all I can think of atm but will be back soon :) x

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Work Experience.

Considering i'm in the office and haven't got alot to do(its nearly deadline day, i'm leaving them to it) I thought I would catch up on this thing.
I may slightly love it here, even if I am just sat listening in, however it is only my second day.
I am on about FRONT incase you don't know and I have in 2 days managed to learn everyone's names and tea and coffee orders :)

I'm actually pretty involved in things. I've been writing up phone interviews (2 model's one with Jordan Pundik from New Found Glory) looking up random infomation abuot the 80's and Katy Perry, did some fact stuff and other bits and bobs they tell me to do.

Also bugged the fashion editor for a bit to ask quite a few questions, was pretty cool before I was dragged away to do an alcohol taste test.

If you read the magazine most of this will make sense.

Oh and I actually beat 6 members of staff at a quiz, sprung on by the editor.

I will keep everyone updated and i'm sure i'll have some clothes and fashion finds soon as the office is located behind Oxford Street (could it get any better??)

Anyways, bye for now :) x