Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

High street ramble.

Just thought i'd have a bit of a ramble about things recently.
Firstly and very sadly I have had to say goodbye to not 1 but 3 pairs of jeans!!! I have alot of jeans and practically live in them during winter/autunm/british summer time so having to throw away pairs is just a crime. My fav black skinny jeans I put my hand through, my blue skinny jeans have shrunk (they were from Primark 2 years ago i'm putting it down to quality) and some other jeans whcih I renamed my art jeans (they were my wardrobe staple during my foundation degree) have the most unflattering shape to them they had to go.

Wow I wrote more than I thought!!! So anyways whiel rooting round H&M earlier I picked up a pair of pale jeans and tried them on. I should have read the label. HAREM JEANS?????? Who the hell came up with these? most uncomfortable things I have ever worn....They were awful!! If anyone has a pair of these please tell me what you wear them with cos I could not get them to sit right.

So yes, I went to H&M again today, I live there now. I Have 2 shoots this weekend and am getting the last details for clothing and accessorise. I also worked out I have spend £250 on clothing for these photoshoots....its a good thing I'm returning most of it!!!

Next onto shoes. Seen a nice pair in Look magazine from NewLook. They are boots and are inspired by a Burberry pair from the A/W 2010 collection. I had a look online but they are not there yet...will keep an eye out. Just spotted a pair in the sale on that i'm swooning over.

Also!!! IKEA SALE!!!! Bad advert when i'm trying to decorate. I could easily buy the shop....I have had the same design in my room since I was 15. Its very my style but I have definatley grown out of it and its time for a repaint. I'm going to take photos as I go so will put them all up once the transformation is complete.

Placement....I have applied for a stlying assistant job. Im actually extremely excited but i'm not getting my hopes up as I tend to get over excited and i'll make myself sick thinking about it. Wish me luck anyways.

Lastly, my hair. I am bored of it. I am going to get my 'fringe' cut soon and add some more layers into it as it's looking a bit flat. I want to dye it again aswell. I don't do normal colours, at the moment the underneath layers are yellow (not blonde) yellow!!! There was lime green on the ends but they faded. Anyways i'm thinking maybe red....Bright red. I don't do hair colours by half.

Thats all I had to say today. Really looking forward to this weekend i'm hoping everything goes really well. Have a good week :)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Windy weather.

Went to an outdoor gig in the local park today and was a tad windy. I decided it was still warm enough to wear a dress but chucked the shirt on over the top for some layers. Plus my trusty skinny studded belt.

Vest dress Topshop, Shirt H&M, Belt(from dress) River Island.

The sandals are my mums (Tesco). Had a bit of an accident at work last night, hence the bandage. I dropped a pitcher and the glass shattered and went through my shoe. Its fine tough, the bandage is just a precaution.

I also decided as I have seen on quite a few peoples blogs to show you what is inside my bag. I have taken quite alot of stuff out recently (gloves, hat, scarf, umbrella) as the season wasn't practical for all of it. Anyways this is my bag.

River Island, again skull related.....going to see if I can make a header for my blog to relate to the obsession.

Sugar skull purse - Manchester tattoo convention
Skull Cany headphones - EBay
Ipod (not pictured)
Elnette hairspray
Paperchase Diary
Pens and pencils
Green Mirror
Bus Tickets
Rape alarm - Thanks to my Mum
Sunglasses - River Island
Sanex deodorant
Silver purse - Contains girly things :)

There is always an large amount of other stuff that emerges from my bag including fliers, bottles, receipts, sweet wrappers...that kind of stuff but this is pretty much the basis of the things I carry around.