Sunday, 15 August 2010

My Shoe Collection.

Right as promised this is mycollection of babies....I have miss some of them out as they are a tad knackered. I also apologise for the crappy pics as my camera doesn't appear to like the lighting I was taking them in.
These are my Autograph shoes from M&S. My mum initially bought these for herself however shoe couldn't walk in them, and neither can I....They are really painful!!!

These are my Faith boots. I bought these for my 20th Bday as a present to myself. Been in quite afew shootsthese aswell.

These are from Matalan :) I buy alot of my shoes from here becuase they have very bold styles.I have never worn these out the house!! But again good for shoots.

My Newlook Fringed Boots. Real Suede. Comfy as hell :)

These arealot from Matalan. They use to be my highest pair of shoes but have definatley been beaten with some recent perchases.

These shoes gets lots of wear out of them however they need a good clean as I used them on a shoot in a feild lol. Anyoneknow how to getmum out of cork/raffia.

From Newlook and don't honestly wear these alot. I did customise them for a uni project and the tape kinda puled apart the leather :(
Primark anyone?? Yuplove them. They did have tassles on the back of them but I hacked them on and they kept whipping me in the leg when I walked. Not brilliant in the rain though lol.

These aremy newest ones and I can barely walk in them but they are AMAZING!!! and the sale price attracted me more. I will learn to walk in these!!!

I loooooooooove these. Got them less than half price in the Topshop sale and I wear them all the time!! Can run in them and everything.

These are fron Tesco would you believe. Only ever worn them out once but never caused me any problems.

Very Pretty,can't walk in them hahaa!!

Old Faithfuls :) I love my trainers and will live in them until they fall apart...So comfy!!

These are my biggest bargin. I got these for £3!! Real leather and everything. They are a bit muddy and dusty as i've not cleaned them since I lived in them at Sonisphere Festival.

These are from Tesco aswell. My mum has the same pair as I kept borrowing them from her (yes she bought hers first)

Topshop. Brand New, Never worn.

These were bday present. They are very comfy but the heels are a bit knackered and too worn down for me to get them fixed...and no matter how many times I glue the chains at the back in place they insist on slipping under my feet!!!

These were bought for a shoot and have made their way into my collection. From eBay!! Why buy the Expensive ones when you can eBay??? :)

Gorgeous shoes, was mesmorised. Bought these in Miss Selfridge in London when I did my work experience.

These were a xmas present from my ex bf. By Iron Fist, I adore them. Gotta admit, I could never faulter his taste in shoes.

Matalan shoes again. Someone asked if these were from Topshop once. Clearly labels are not a big deal anymore.

Finally these are my Iron Fist shoes from eBay as a present frommy Mum.

I love my shoes....A LOT!! Once I have finished decorationg my room I am making shelves for all my shoes. Like book shelves but prettier :)

Saturday, 14 August 2010


God I have totally lost track of time recently. I wrote down a list of all the things I had planned for blogs and just haven't had enough time to do any of them.

I'm going to condence some of it down into this blog and then i'll tell you more afterwards.

So for starters I had a new job in a computer loan company, bit mind numbing but the money was good...However I no longer work there (after 6 days!!) becuase I am not a fashion intern at WONDERLAND MAGAZINE :D
Very happy about it, have been there 2 days so far and have been basically doing returns to major shops and labels (Harrods, D&G, Reiss, Harvey Nichols etc...)
I will let you know as it goes along. There are also some YSL shoes in the office I am dying to try on (I have looked, they are my size)

So...Went to Sonisphere a few weeks back now, it was really good :) went with my Mum and Auntie...Rammstien were headlining so it was a bit inevitable (They are a German Metal band, Don't ask lol)

Alos wanted to do a post about my recent lust haves and purchases but I have no photos so I'm going to list the Lust haves first.

Lust Haves:
Bodyshop Satsuma Shower Gel
Red Herring Baseball jacket
Topshop Brogues (not a fan of brogues, these are nice though)

This is all I have time for atm cos i'm about to go to work (Yup still have the other job) But these are things I am going to do within the next week.

Skull Collection
Shoe Collection
Recent Purchases and Bargins
List Article in Elle.

Also have an idea for a comp :)

Speak soon!!! x

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


I apologise on my own behalf for being a RUBBISH blogger!!!! I'm sat in work scribbling down a list of things I am going to put up tonight, had a good hard think about stuff and its all going on the blog!! So look out for atleast 6 blogs tonight before I collapse into bed. (my pc is super slow so it may kill me in the process)

Anyways!!! see you all tonight :D xx