Thursday, 25 November 2010


I'm popping home from uni for a few days tonight so and not gonna be back up posting until Tuesday.
Here are some favourite things for me to leave you with over the weekend

Onceanape sweatshirt from Your Eyes Lie

 Dear Skull Pendant from Your Eyes Lie

And these amazing Jeffrey Campbell Wrecker Platform Boot from Nasty Gal.

T'is all for today, have a good weekend :)

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Evening all. Here are somethings I have been eyeing up on eBay (except the last which is Etsy). Some realistic and some because i'm allowed to dream :)

Disney Corture Jewellery.

FAUX fur vintage coat (been wanting one for a while)
 These ridiculously stunning and under priced 'yet still can't afford them' Nicolas Kirkwood shoes.

 And the same goes for these Louboutins.
Oh and this really cute Steampunkesque necklace from birdzNbeez
Thats all for today. Going to try get some outfit posts up at some point soon however I only seem to remember when its getting dark and the photos come out shoddy in my bedroom lighting....Night :) x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Keep calm....

Evening. I have been looking at signs on Etsy and the amount of Keep calm ones on there is extrordinary!!!

This is one of my favourite signs that wasn't that though.
I've become obsessed with Etsy and now have an account along with a favourites list found here :)
I'm going to constantly update it because the site is full of such wonderful things!!! if anyone finds anything you think I may like please feel free to let me know.

More goodies!!! These boots!!!
Think the photo has been following me round, opened a magazine earlier and i'm fairly sure i've seen these boots in about 3 others recently. Can be found here. 
(i'm a size 6 thanks!!)

These socks. Oh amazing!!!
A bit more amazing than the 4 pairs I picked up in Primark earlier (2 grey, 2 black) but I was running low on knee highs.

Anyways this is all for today, might put up some uni work photographs tomorrow.
For now I will leave you with this.
Well said :)

Monday, 22 November 2010

22 and all (IMAGE HEAVY)

Helloooo everyone!!! These are some photos from my birthday night out.
Not in the right order though lol!!

Me and David

Me in the taxi (no idea what i'm doing!!)

 The lights outside of the church next to the club we went to. I had to climb a wall to get this photo.
 Me David and Sophia

 Me and David again.

 We had playdoh in our house. It ended up in my bag.
 Faaaaaar to many Jagerbombs.
 Us again :)
 The bruise on my knee the morning after from climbing that wall!!!

On my actual birthday a few of us went to eat at Chiquito's
 These are my Fajitas (the whole thing was just for meeee!!!)
 David's MASSIVE burger....he ate the lot of it!!!!
My really cute dessert trio (banoffee pie, key lime pie and tiramassu)

Had a really good weekend. Am going to Birmingham next weekend for some retail therapy with my mum and to spend some birthday pennies :)

Ooooh playsuit is from H&M.

Friday, 19 November 2010

New hair.

As promised. This is my new blue/green hair :)
(not brilliant lighting, really should learn to take photos in daylight)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Net-A-Porter I love you.

Who doesn't?? Anyway's having a bit of a browse on there yesterday and here are some favourites:)
(if anyone would like the buy me the laptop case please feel free)




McQueen (again)

I Adore McQueen <3

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I have a bit of a thing about dying my hair really un-natural colours as seen below (just a selection)

Well today I bleached it to pre lighten it for the turquoise colour it is going tomorrow. I never really have much luck with bleach because it always come out some kinda murky concoction of the colour that was previously on my hair (today was purple/red)
I tried a new dye/bleach called Jerome Russell blonde hair lightener bought from Superdrug.
Honestly, I put the stuff on and within SECONDS I saw my hair changing colour!!!

Its amazing!!!!
I have very dark hair naturally and am definitely going to use this again its amazing!!!!

This is my very 'yellow because of bad lighting' looking hair.
I'll put the photos of the next colour up tomorrow :)

3 days....

til the birthday therefore the wish list is still going :)

Well, you may remember a month ago or so me posting some jewellery from Forever 21 (here) and complaining cos the P+P was loads!!! Well now a NEW shop has opened in Birmingham and lucky for me i'm going next week with my Mum for a bit of a birthday spree.

This ring is very pretty. I'm not a massive ring person to be honest unless they are huge :)
 Along with this one. I'm really excited to go see the shop....

These delights are from Newlook and I tried them on twice about 2 weeks ago but resisted. I have well over 30 pairs of shoes but in my eyes my feet have now stopped growing so a few more pairs cannot hurt!!

and finally this maxi dress is from Topshop. Oh and look at that its got a skeleton on it!!! (i'm obsessed, get over it) I reeeeeeeeally want it!!!! Bad image, I do apologise.

Anywaaay, thats all for my wish list at the moment. Hang tight for a post about my freshly dyed hair :)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Its my 22nd birthday next week and i've been making a bit of a wish list. I have become a regular searcher on Etsy and Amazon for all things unique and thrown in with a tad of eBay and some local businesses for good measure this is what I have so far come up with :)

Say Anything headband by LoveElycia
(still contemplating what I would have mine say)

Evil to the Bone vest
(unfortunately now out of stock but I LOVE it)

Latex eye patch by JaneDoeLatex
I'm sure I could have thought of more things that were more mainstream but I like my little quirky collection. If you find anything on Etsy that you think I may like feel free to let me know :) x

Emily Haines - Metric

Emily Haines is the lead singer of a band called Metric and I adore her!!! he has an amazing ability to write songs and I really like her fashion sense.
I would higly recommend anyone listen to Metric, they are not the normal kind of band I would listen to but her vocal make me want to be able to write music.
Gimme Sympathy is my favourite.

Sunday, 7 November 2010


This is the new issue of WONDERLAND magazine.

And this is a photo of my name in the credits underneath interns (Helen Waugh) 

*Proud grin*