Saturday, 29 January 2011

Butler & Wilson

Butler and Wilson jewellery to me use to be hugely garish, however i'm starting to like some of the pieces they do mainly because like me there are a lot of skulls involved (would you have expected anything else??)

These Earrings would make a very nice statement on a night out. I would never think of wearing more than just these as it would definitely be too much going on.
However these Earrings I think would be good for evening and day to day when you still want something bold. I don't think these are typically big which i'm guessing the last pair were so I think daytime wear would be acceptable.

Now these I saw on a blog post (aparently they were also on xfactor but I tried not to take style tips from that because I think Grace Woodward most of the time gets it VERY wrong)
I can't decide what colour I like these in!!
Obviously they would only be statement earrings as they are so over the top but I love them all the same.

That's all for today probably as i'm having an evening in the library with my friend Rachel and our dissertations.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Mod and Lulu

Today I have been to Ikea. Not as exciting as it may sounds because the only thing I bought was coat hangers to sort out my ever unorganised looking wardrobe. It is now in better condition but i'm thinking of hanging everything else up as well as it looks kinda messy and bulky still.
See I have a strange wardrobe, I have 2 half sized hanging up sections and 1 shelf underneath the top rail.
All dresses have to be tucked onto the shelf as it cuts my wardrobe in half. I would much prefer either lots of hanging room or lots of shelves but I seem to have the bad end of both!!
Maybe when it is sorted to a standard i'm happy with I will show you.

ANYWAYS!! These are some favourites from site I have been looking at recently.
The first site was Modcloth. I follow a lot of American and Canadian bloggers and you guys seem to go a bit crazy for this site and I have never really had a good browse until now and I agree that there are some really nice pieces on there!!!

Proud as a Necklace really liking peacocks at the moment. Want a tattooed one on my forearm.

Jam Gam Tights really want these before they sell out!!! 

Grap-tastic Tights and these!!

All the below products are from Found this website from another blog and can't for the life of me remember which one now. Anyways, some gorgeous AFFORDABLE clothing, accessories and shooooes!!!!

I think i'm just gonna have nothing but shoes in my room at some point soon. Its probably a good thing i'm always skint as I would have nothing but shoes, shoes and MORE SHOOOOOES!!!


Thursday, 27 January 2011


Yes I know its cheating but look how pretty they make my photos look.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Before Bed.

Well i'm suppose to be doing research for my latest uni project but i'm having a break and did some browsing.
Here are some favourites.
These Cream Tassle Loafers from River Island caught my eye earlier in town. I wouldn't normally go for a shoe like this but there is something about this pair that I am drawn to. May have to have a wonder round the shop in them and see if I fall in love. 

This Ellis Dress at Motel Rocks caught my eye while I was on the site looking for another dress actually (unfortunatelyy I think the original find is now sold out) I really like the colouring of this dress and the shape of it. Bit dear for my budget at £45 though.

Finally is this Necklace. It made me laugh!!! I have done this many a time at a bar. For some reason thought the original link for it doesn't work but it can be found on THIS site.

That is all for tonight :)

Buying again.

Went on a little bit of a shop today. Nothing hugely amazing that I just HAD to take a photo of.
Bought some folders, stationary and a wall chart for uni to be nice and organised for my final term (even have colour coordinating stickers for my folders) (MASSIVE GEEK)

Then made a trip to Superdrug for some dry shampoo and got a bit carried away at the cosmetics. Well for my standards anyways!!! I'm not a huge make up person ans previously mentioned in posts but I do have some essentials that I use on occasion. First I bought a new Collections 2000 3 in 1 foundation. I don't use this as foundation (your suppose to wet the sponge) but I use it as power just to give light coverage and it matches my skin fairly well. I also bought Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer. I had a natural collections one but I am starting to fall out with it so I will let you know if this one is any better.

I also bought some nail varnish. I am FOREVER trying to grow my nails and I find that it works better if I paint them. The one I bought today is a MUA in shade 56 which is like a shimmery really dark blue. It looks very dark in the bottle but i'm hoping it comes out a ad lighter on my nails.

Last but not least, Collection 2000 2 in 1 top coat and gloss enhancer. I love these nail polishes (I also have the ridge filler and nail strengthener one, and a nail brightener one. Both amazing!!!

Sorry for the ramble :) x

Monday, 24 January 2011

Worst day.

Think the title pretty much sums up my mood right now but I wont go into all the personal details.
Was in uni most of today getting the brief for my final project!! Scary stuff!!
Then my friend bought me pizza and we watched Step Brothers that cheered me up. Bless him :)

Anyways outfits again.
My wardrobe is not the most exciting as of late but i'm trying to see what my personal style actually is and get use to taking these shots and blogging most days!!
(mirror again!! sorry got out of uni at 5 and the post office was closed so still no SLR charger!!)

Cardigan - George @ Asda, Tshirt - H&M, Shorts - Matalan, Tights - Marks and Spencers, Socks - Primark, Boots - Vintage (from a market)

Sunday, 23 January 2011


Ok so maybe one more post with the mirror shots. 
Unfortunately its a Sunday and the post office isn't open so I can't go and get my SLR cable yet.
This is what i'm lazying (??) about in today

Cardigan George @Asda, Tshirt Topshop, Shorts Matalan, Tights H&M.
No need for shoes, i'm indoors!! And didn't think you'd wanna see my slippers.


Saturday, 22 January 2011

2 More Outfits

This what I wore to uni on Thursday
 Scarf Paris Market, Tshirt H&M, Jeans F21, Cardigan H&M.
I wore boots with this!!

This is what I wore  to the Trafford Center Yesterday
Scarf Paris Market, Jumper Topshop, Jeans F21, Brown boots Market (mentioned from the outfit before!!)

Sorry about the mirror shots but I can't find anywhere to take these photos where I can balance my camera.
I have had my new camera charger delivered so the photos will be taken on my SLR from now on :)


Yes I have an obsession.
This is a skull candle holder I bought in Birmingham. I couldn't resist.
(not the best photo, taken on my Blackberry)

These are things that I am seriously considering buying for my room :)

I'm just hugely obsess. FACT!!!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New Favourites.

Some of my recent favourites :)

 White Lace Up Wedges from River Island

 Aqua Jumpsuit from ASOS (Also avaliable in black, orange & teal)

Short and Long Maxi Dress from ASOS (would love this for shoots!!)

Omg an outfit post before 2pm!!

I have had no sleep. Nope none. I got out of bed at 7am and cleaned the bathroom that's how awake I was.
This is what I am wearing today

Shirt, Skirt & T Shirt all H&M, Socks Primark, Shoes Topshop, Belt (from a dress) River Island

The Necklace on my mirror is Vera Moda.