Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Hello, I apologise for the mirror photos this was a last minute thing before I ran out of the door.
The tshirt is a band one, they are called Underoath and are my favourite band ever.
(its loud and screamy music)

Leather jacket - Marks and Spencers, Jeans - F21, Shoes - Topshop, Tshirt - Gig, Scarf  - Budapest.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Cute is what I aim for.

Having a bit of a fight with these photos today they are not coming out straight!!
Anyways. This is what I'm wearing today. Plan on doing some more uni work as I have 2 deadlines on Monday morning and I'm going to the Trafford centre with a friend to return some clothes and go for dinner.
I love being able to go out without a coat on :)


 Dress - Zara, Tights - Marks & Spencers, Shoes - Topshop.

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Hello blogger,
 I apologise for the lack of posts but with the amount of uni work I have at the moment I don't even have time to read the ones I follow let alone post as often as I would like.
This is what I am wearing today for finishing up some work.

Dress - Matalan, Waistcoat - Marks & Spencers, Necklace - Vera Moda

I have borrowed a SLR remote from a friend to test it out taking my photos and I am highly in love with it. He thinks he is getting it back sometime soon :) WRONG!!
I need to invest in my own one (I know they are cheap on EBay) however until I get my loan through I am literally in the counting pennies stage of my bank account.

I've not been feeling great lately either and have to go back to the doctors on Tuesday for multiple blood tests!!
Horrible things!!

Anyways, i'll be back soon and hopefully the next instalment will involve a lot of photos from my final project shoot. 

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Last night.

Quick post, this is what I wore out last night :)

Top - Religion, Jean - River Island, Ring - Forever 21.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

London Fashion Week (IMAGE HEAVY)

These are just a tiny portion of the photos I took during fashion week.
It was so much fun!! I was in the Freemasons building all week backstage.
Helping out with Vauxhall Fashion Scout.
 4 hair stylists to one girl.
 Masha Ma lookcards
 Masha Ma boots (nightmare to get on!!)
 My dressing
 Watching the backstage monitor
 Males getting their make up done
 My dressing again (on the left)
 So much glitter!!!
 Pernod bar at Child of a Jago (Viv Westwood's Son Label)
 Warehouse show of Child of a Jago
 The alley way I stood in with the male models. Was a bit cramped!!
 Bunmi Koko Shoes (All River Island & ASOS)
 Bunmi and models Post show.
 Ziad Runthrough (strange show!!)

 Final walk (can't remember the designer!!!)
 Body Amr Boot!!!!
 Amber Rose
 Body Amr show

 Male models

 Luke Worrall, Nat Weller (Paul Weller's son) and mee!!!
 4 changed in one show (not simple ones!!)
Dismantling the runway.

I would love to go back in September it was such a good experience. It didn't really click until I saw the videos and photos of the shows I was involved in on Vogue.com!!!


Hello Blogger long time no see!!
As you may all know I have been VERY busy over the last 2 week with my jet off to Snowy Budapest (yup, it snowed twice!!) and with London Fashion Week!!
I will get the photos up for you before the end of today from those 2 events but right now I thought i'd show you what I wore today to go into town.

(went a bit snap happy, the sun has put me in a good mood)
Coat - Matalan, Bag and Tights - Marks & Spencers, Top - H&M, Skirt - Zara, Shoes - Tophop, Belt - River Island (came with a dress)

This skirt I bought in the sale while I was in Budapest, once I had converted it from Hungarian Forint (bloody nightmare, there is 298.2 HUF to the pound...you work it out!!) I think it was about £7 which isn't bad!!

This top is a bit of an old faithful as well, I bought it back in Freshers for a fancy dress night out as a pirate and I live in it, the shape and fit are perfect. Might have to search for some more at some point!!

Please excuse the hair and face in the pics i'm having a stress because of uni and my skin is awful!! Plus i'm in desperate need of a hair revamp, thinking about getting my fringe hacked into.

Right i'm off to eat my Greggs, Look out for BUDAPEST & LONDON FASHION WEEK posts!!!