Saturday, 31 March 2012

Wants.have recently

Again i've been having a browse online for clothes I can't afford and this time they are all from Oasis. I have recently started to really like Oasis for clothing as I have seen my taste in clothes start to change. I think that their style is very feminine and not usually something I would go for but below are some of my recent favourite pieces.

1. Not only do I love the colour and pattern of this dress but the collar cut out detail is so adorable!! I think this dress would be good as an all year round piece as its a simple style and could be layered easily.
2. The print on this dress is lovely but I think i'd be too scared to wear a white dress as i'm not the un -clumsiest of people. I think this dress would be nice to a summer wedding or christening, something formal.

3. I LOVE patterned jeans and trousers and these are no exception. I own a lot of plain tops and am venturing into clashing prints so any excuse for a new pair in my collection is a good one to me!!
4. I had a dress this style before but the pattern was hugely dated so I sold it but this one is very pretty. I see  it being a great holiday piece.

5. This shirt is a colour I would not normally choose but again I would love to be able to wear something like this. As i'm back into the swing of job hunting I think this would be great for an interview as it is formal yet interesting. I really like the collars and shirts trends that a lot of people wear recently and think this would be great which possibly a black or grey jumper and some navy skinny jeans.
6. I ADORE this dress!! The neckline, the pleated skirt, the dip dye hem line, the belt, all of it. And its classic black. This could be worn for so many occasions I think it would make a great addition to anyone's wardrobe.

7. These shorts are to die for. I love the fabric of them and the studded details. These would be my go to shorts when I wanted to be smart or dressed up. I love them!!!
8. As the weather is all over the place recently I thought a jumper would be a good bet. I like long line jumpers as I have a pretty long torso and the dots on this are a very cute touch. Again this could be worn in the transition between trends and a good go to piece for a cool summers evening.

So that's all for now, what do you think?? x 

Friday, 30 March 2012

Photos from the past few weeks.

Ok not the most gripping of titles but its straight to the point. I've not really done a lot the last few days so i'm just gonna show you some photos from the last 2 weeks of what i've been up to. I'm not a cool person and don't have intsagram (I have a crapberry) but these pics will have to do!!

Sorting out my HUGE collection of nail varnish (this isn't all of them) I have to go through them every now and again to get rid of the really old ones and always find colours i've forgotten about!!

Went to my Dad's house to find some old photos from a fancy dress party I had when I was little but found this gem instead which is now on my wall :) This is my Dad in the army when he was younger (he joined when he was 15) fixing a rather large missile/gun. I love old photographs and always try to print as many as possible  to put on my photo wall in my room.

Speaking of photo walls, here it is in all its glory!! I am loving how well it is coming along and the array of photos on the wall is huge (family, friends from uni, friends from home, school get the point) I am trying to find really small photo frames to fill the gaps with but I like small and original types....anyone know where I can get some from? I do at some point intend on doing a room tour ad I think its filled with some quirky and personal little things and I like to be nosy :D

I went out to Revolutions on Monday night to a metal/alternative/rock night that we have in our local one and went for a browse around town to find something to wear (I ended up buying the spotted shirt hanging up in the right hand photo) I fell a little bit in love with this playsuit but the only problem was the size of it. I am a size 10 but this for some reason was too big!! I will also say that i'm rather large busted so didn't see a size 8 fitting over them so I resisted....but come pay day I may have to take a trip back to get this beauty.

Is she not gorgeous. Gizmo is getting so big now in my eyes (shes 8 months old now) but she is still so tiny compared to other cats her age. She use to be a cuddly cat but not so often any more so I have to incise her onto my bed at night with my bright pink fluffy dressing gown, she purrs like mad on it and fall asleep next t me every night. We have to take her to the vet next week to be neutered as we feel bad not being able to let her out in the garden without supervision....Bless!!

At the moment my work have completely fuffed up my rota and by that I mean I wasn't on all....for the next month. Everytime I have phoned in i've been told they will get back to me so my next pay day is gonna have a huge chunk missing :( not happy. I'm off to watch Benidorm now anyways!! Good night everyone x

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Round 2.

Did say earlier that I would post what I was wearing today so here it is. The sun was setting as I got into the garden so it looks dreary in these pics but it was still pretty warm!!

The fluffy and totally ruined hair is due to going swimming today and not washing my hair properly afterwards. The chlorine appears to have completely ripped the colour from my hair compared the the photos earlier. I suppose if i'm going to continue swimming then its the price i'm going to have to pay.....and I want it to go lilac anyways, so chlorine is a cheaper method of bleach I guess hahaa.
The playsuit I bought from Download festival and can't quite remember who its by but yes once again it has skull on it. I wouldn't have it any other way really. The 'buttons' at the front are actually poppers so its super simple to get in an out but it does crease really easily as you can see in the photos.

I'm off to wash up and paint my nails. Have a good night everyone :) x


Hi all. How glorious is the weather lately!! This is an outfit post about what I wore yesterday. I ran some errands around town including posting 17 parcels from Ebay items. I bought this skirt last week and used and abused the sale and my mum's discount card.

This skirt is so long and comfy!! Its a shiny fabric which is quite heavy and pleated so it flows amazingly... I couldn't stop swishing it about haha!! I am however wearing a basic black short skirt underneath as the slip built in to cover my bum didn't quite do the job and I felt a bit self concious.The necklace is one of my custom orders from Allymadethis and matches the one I had made for my mum at xmas :)

Skirt - Marks and Spencers
Belt - River Island (came with skirt)
Necklace - Allymadethis.

If you're lucky I might post another outfit tonight of what i'm currently wearing.


Friday, 23 March 2012

Models Own.

This is just a very quick post today. I'm currently sat in my pj's with my hair a mess, wearing my glasses and taking penicillin tablets ever four hours to get rid of tonsillitis. Not good.

I have heard of models own for ages. I know most of you also know of models own. Here are some of the colours I am seriously considering buying for myself :) 

Beetlejuice Emerald Black, Emerald City and Jade Stone.

Apparently I quite like the green shades the best!! Favourite colours anyone?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Wants list.

Back onto the wanting but cant afford lists this time round is Urban Outfitters. As much as I like their clothing most of the time I just cannot justify the price tags. The nearest store to me is on Oxford Street but i've not been in a very long time (i'm normally running around London with a suitcase doing designer loans so I quick visit to Oxford Street never seems to be possible lately) Anyways, here are some items that i'm a little bit lusting over.

I think the jeans and the first two tops are my favourite pieces however the lace shirt is not something I think I could wear well as it would look better without a bra strap straight through it.....i'm not one of those people who can get away without wearing one lol. Possibly a nude vest underneath would look ok???

I have a few more designer profile blogs coming up aswell in the next few days, some of whom I am looking to work with soon :)



As you may know from previous posts I have a slight tights addiction. I am obsessed with them and why not, they are a great way to add colour to an outfit and I have so many different styles I can change simple outfits quickly and inexpensively.

Well I have just found these beauties on Etsy and I want them all!! They come in at just under £20 each which is a bit steeper than I would pay for a pair but look how pretty!!

I might do an Esty post at some point soon as i've been bookmarking things that I would want in my flat when I have enough to eventually move out (A girl can dream right) It's on my to do list.



My lovely and creative friend Ally decided that she wanted to start a jewellery brand and i'm very proud of how well she is doing with it!! I mentioned her in a previous post having shot some of her pieces in a shoot with Raphaella Withlove and Christian Scott but here are some more of her lovely items.

She decided to make jewellery that she would wear as she didn't feel she would be as passionate about things that were just high in demand as a posed to things she truly loved. She makes the majority of her items from Polymer clay from scratch (the patterns on some of the below items are but trial and error, don't they look pretty!!)

She has also started to make custom orders for people...I own 5 pieces now and possibly more if I can get her to do me some more :)

The little flowers in this piece are made from clay and imprinted into the beads.

This necklace is made by a process called Mokume Gane. 

Ain't they brill!! I love seeing what she cones up with and we are in a process of sorting out some more shots including her designs. 
She doesn't know i'm posting this (well, she will soon!!) but I thing she deserves recognition with the amount of effort she puts into her work :)

Check her Facebook out here -
And more recently at this store (if you're Milton Keynes local) -


Friday, 16 March 2012

Haigh Hall

These 2 sets were done in Haigh Hall in Wigan after A LOT of prep and planning!!

Second Set

I was so happy with the final outcome of these photos as I think it was the biggest clothing and set wise shoot i've done. The dresses in the second set were by Renaissance Couture who happily lent me them a few days before the shoot.

Photography - Karl Axon
Models - Beth and Pheobe
Mua - Corrine
Millinery - Hayley Marsden :)
Set  - Kate Stewart

Assistants x4 + my mum!!!