Saturday, 21 April 2012

Zalando collections.

Hello everyone, not bee feeling myself the last few weeks with work and money problems so nothing really sprang to mind to blog about, plus the weather has been horrific and outfit have consisted of jeans and cardigans....not hugely amazing!!

A lot of other blogs that I read have had posts about Zalando, an online clothing store and the following items are from their collections. I have chosen my 3 favourite pieces from each collection :)

These 3 pieces are from the SCI TEC collection. I may have fallen a little bit in love with the jeans as I am feeling a lot of love for the printed jeans right now and have a fair few pairs in my wardrobe (I prefer jeans to trousers) and at £37 they are a bit of a steal!! The platforms are a gorgeous colour and style for summer, if it ever arrives and who doesn't own a bandeau skirt. This green and contrast contour one is a great colour and good for day or night.

The next collection is by BERNADETT PENKO. I am completely lusting over the jacket and shorts!! I am not a huge matchy matchy person but I think these would look amazing together and be classic separate pieces in anyones wardrobe due to the fit and shape. The dress is not something I would normally choose but again I like the cut and the colour is a good one which can be livened up with an array of accessories.

The above are from the NEW RETRO collection. I have to say out of them all this is the one I had the hardest time choosing from as I didn't feel many of the items automatically screamed 'buy me'. However Those chino's are the brightest of colour they certainly did. I have one pair of chino's in my life but they are boring black and I feel like im going to a job interview every time I wear them so I think these would ingest the colour into my life that I need :) The top is a basic item with a subtle cute collar and the colour of the bag is gorgeous.

The final selection is from MODERN TRIBAL. Again I found it hard choosing items but this time because I liked a fair lot of it but didn't feel that most of it was interesting enough to actually blog about. The jeans and shorts are again something I would definitely wear. I can't quite tell it they are printed or weaved but they are a subtle hint of colour and something that I can see being very versatile. And the dress!! What can I say about this dress, its so pretty!!! It makes me want to put it on, beach my hair up and walk across a sandy beach with my sandals in my hand haha...I think I need a holiday!!

Hope you all like. I'm off to organise some photo shoots and watch rubbish Saturday night tv. Have a good night all!! x

Sunday, 8 April 2012


This is gonna be another post on a creative I have recently found out about and fell in love with their work. Roshar is a make up artist from New York and freelance's between NYC and LA. Their work is so beautiful!!

 I love the bold colours and the simplicity of some of the photos but how well they make an impact. I am working to make my portfolio involve a fair few beauty shoots and really colourful shoots in the next few months (if money prevails!!)

Anyone know of any creatives that you think I would be interested in?