Friday, 13 July 2012

Bones and Stripes.

I've not done a proper outfit post in nearly 4 month. Opps!! Maybe its because its taken me a while to work out what I actually want to dress like, and that I put on weight and lost it again...Meh!
I'm back now. I bought this top yesterday because of the cute design (they are bones making up the heart) I wasn't a huge fan of the hem at first as I think it has been a bit over used recently but this top is great for lounging about in and can be dressed up as well!! Today I am doing a mix of the first one and tidying/cleaning/being ruthless and throwing my life away. I own a lot of crap!!
Also, notice the new shorter and bluer hair. Had to get it all hacked off as it was seriously dead.

Top & Jeans - River Island

(Hello Remote!!)

These photos were taken in my room - wide shot - I know a lot of people say that photos should be taken on plain background as to not distract from the outfit but sod it. I like my room and the lighting in there is the best I have been able to find around the if you're anything like me, you like to be nosy. You can just see the end of my new bed in this photo which I got last week and it is ooooooh so comfy!! I've been saying for a while now that i'm going to do a room tour and once I have fully cleaned up everything i'll be round to it asap :)

Have a good day all :)

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  1. I love your outfit, you look great. You should do more outfit posts! But I know the weight-issue can kill motivation:( You look amazing though and you should post more of yourself! <3

    Have a lovely friday!