Monday, 16 July 2012


The city not the activity.....its were my Auntie lives and I went yesterday with my mum and this is what I wore. I was going to post these yesterday but I got home late and then went on a staff night out. 
I also took these pics on the wrong setting on my camera and the one below is the only one I could salvage from them all. I pretty much just want to show you my jeans.

Please ignore the general looking scared/standing awkward/pretty much forgot I was taking the photo look of me in this but it was the best of a bad bunch!!
The Jeans!......ASDA :) Love a good bargain just as much as I love a good patterned pair of jeans.

Jeans - Asda.
Top - Marks and Spencer's Limited Collection.

I'm off to watch Superstar (c'mon Nathan and Rory!!) and eat sticky toffee pudding.

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